Great Content Around the Web #1

I plan on sharing/highlighting great content that I find around the web.

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  1. How your worst fears stack up against reality This interactive piece from Australian news site looks at how worried you should actually be able your worst fears by showing you how many people actually perish from those fears from 2007-2016.It reminds me of this piece that was incredible popular on Reddit when it came out from the Washington Post’s Wonkblog  called “The animals that are most likely to kill you this summer”.
  2. Take the Sidewalk to Work: Our New York Subway Map of CaloriesThis study was first done focusing on UK’s Tube line from UK-based site Then, after folks on social media implored them to recreate this for similar transportation networks in other major cities, they created one for New York City.
  3. Where and when to travelSometimes great content ideas come in small packages. This simple piece from shows an at-a-glance animated gif giving you an idea of when it is best to travel anywhere in the world.It’s also a great example of creative content relevant to a service — something that is often very hard to do without it feeling forced.
  4. LEGO My House: How Many LEGOs Would It Take to Build Your House? – Movoto created this piece back in 2012, but I think it still stands up as a great content idea. As someone who used to spend hours as a kid building with Legos, this one hits a nostalgic feel as well as a general fun idea. It even tells you the cost of buying all of those Legos!

  5. How to Fix a Toilet – This really interesting piece from Xaquín G.V. was done in collaboration with Google News Lab and has a nice tie into SEO for all of those interested. Also love the unique design.