Power of Perspective: How to Make Your Content Relatable

Humans have an amazing capacity for visual memory.

Memory champions around the world have said that they remember long lists of words and data by converting them into pictures in their heads. Visuals help stimulate multiple senses, like smell or sound, which makes our memories stronger.

Take the word “carnival” for instance.  Studies have shown that we are more likely to remember a picture of a carnival than seeing the word carnival.

The picture of a carnival activates other areas of your memory like the taste of funnel cake, or the greasy, oily smell from bumper cars.

The secret to good content marketing is making your content relatable. Tapping into memories and mental maps that readers already have provides perspective to make your content and ideas relatable.

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How to Hijack Viral Content for Your Industry in 2018

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?

As content marketers, you should constantly be looking for ways to translate other ideas you see into your market by any means necessary.

So, how do you do that? Let’s first find a great idea.

Step 1: Find a Great Idea

Grab a pen or pencil and try to draw a bicycle entirely from memory.

Can you do it?

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